Wave Energy Potential

More than 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is comprised of oceans. There is an abundance of untapped energy within the waves of these vast bodies of water. This potential energy source has been recognized for several centuries. Over time, creative thought and energy have been applied to find ways to harness this energy. To-date, there has not been a wave energy concept developed to a point of proving economic viability. SurfPower has the potential to be the first.

Many locations in the world have wave conditions that provide an annual average power of 27 kW or more per meter of wave crest (Tofino, British Columbia is an example). A single, SurfPower buoyant wing can recover about 8 per cent of this energy. This is enough energy to satisfy the annual electrical energy requirements of 42* Canadian homes. Higher energy levels are available in some areas. For example, areas off the coast of Scotland have extremely “wave-rich” conditions where a meter of wave crest delivers an annual average power of 70kW/m of wave crest. A 50 wing SurfPower system can recover enough energy from this environment to support 5,500* homes.


* based on typical Ontario, Canada house usage of 12,000 kWhr per year.