Unique Features

Surfpower's rectangular buoyant wings are unique in that they move both vertically and horizontally; enabling the system to capture some of the potential energy in the wave that is a function of the wave height, and in addition capture some of the energy of motion (kinetic energy) in waves that move the wings horizontally.

The SurfPower buoyant wings have been designed to be omni-directional, meaning they will function and interact optimally with the waves, regardless of the direction of the waves.

SurfPower is installed in relatively shallow water near the shore (1/4-1km offshore) with the electrical generating equipment located onshore that facilitates connection to the local grid. Further, the onshore location of the electrical generating equipment means the equipment is not subject to storm damage, and provides convenient access for operating and maintenance personnel.

SurfPower automatically assumes a storm operating mode when sea conditions become extreme. In this mode all structural loading is greatly reduced and high energy wave crests pass over the top of the buoyant wings. To our knowledge no other wave energy conversion system has such an ability to mitigate extreme storm loading and thereby ensure damage free survival without incurring an excessive capital cost penalty.

Each SurfPower pontoon-pump assembly is completely independent of all others, therefore shutdown of one for servicing does not impact the performance of any others.

SurfPower can be configured to deliver fresh water as a byproduct at a cost that is one half that of typical reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Due to the near shore shallow water installation of SurfPower, the system is not subject to the destructive damage of multi-story high, rogue waves that only exist in deep water.