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February 2012

Seawood Designs is participating in a University of Victoria lead initiative to study the wave resource off the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The study will also investigate issues related to the integration of wave energy into the provinces grid and into local standalone systems.

February 2012

A paper was co-authored by Seawood Designs Inc. and Systems Dynamics Analysis Ltd and accepted for presentation at ASME’s OMEA 2012 conference in Rio de Janeiro, July 2012. This paper is primarily focussed on validation of computer simulation software used in the development of SurfPower.

January 2012

A year long three phase computer modelling study was completed and an executive report issued. The first phase of this work validated the software used by comparing modeling results with wave tank trial results. The second phase was focussed on finding ways to improve energy yield with very encouraging results that gave new insight into how best to improve yield and storm survivability by changing from a passively controlled system to an actively controlled system. The active control system provides system response changes on a wave by wave basis. The third phase provided annual energy recoveries for three different control strategies. Link to latest report.

JUNE 2010 - Collaborative SurfPower Dynamic Modelling Paper Presented

Ryan Nicholl of Dynamic Systems Analysis presented a paper to the delegates attending the Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineer’s 2010 Forum held at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

MAY 2010 - Successful Completion of Wave Tank Trials

Click here to see a SurfPower 1:10 scale model operating in simulated 7 meter seas.


Inventor, Charles Wood with SurfPower 1:10 scale model holding slender, streamlined long stroke pump with pressure control valve at the base that simulates pumping to a high pressure collection main.

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1:10 scale model

SurfPower 1:10 scale model being lowered into Institute for Ocean Engineering wave tank.

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In collaboration with the National Research Council’s Institute for Ocean Technology in St. John’s, Newfoundland wave tank trials were conducted with a 1:10 linear scale SurfPower model (much larger than the Lake Huron model). The test pontoon was nominally 4 feet square with a thickness of 5". The Institute of Ocean Technology successfully undertook the testing in their Offshore Engineering Basin. The SurfPower model incorporated all of the components required in a full scale system. It pumped water under controlled pressure to simulate operation pumping to a collection main. Testing more accurately determined energy recovery from a range of representative wave heights and confirmed system dynamic behaviour when the pontoon was overtopped by simulated 7 meter storm waves. Performance data confirmed that the previously undertaken, dynamic computer modelling accurately predicted dynamic behaviour.

JANUARY 2010 - SurfPower Featured in British Hardcover Book

We were delighted that through the magic of the internet, innovative U.K. publisher, Amelia’s House found, considered and chose to include SurfPower in Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration. Released at the time of the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change, the author Amelia Gregory combed the globe to select 40 “renewable technologies to prevent catastrophic climate change,” which she believed had some merit in positively impacting our environment.

Artists from around the world were invited to answer an open brief to illustrate these technologies which appeared on Amelia’s Magazine website and the best interpretations were selected to appear in the book alongside a profile of each illustrator and a description of the technology. This is a colourful and whimsical coffee table book that will inspire children, innovators, artists, environmentalists, teachers and dreamers alike.

British artist Amy Rhian, created a light hearted view of SurfPower. Copies of Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration can be purchased in Canada at

Book cover “Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration”

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