Equipment placed on a permanent basis in the ocean must be installed in accordance with local and global environmental regulations and protocol. SurfPower has the potential to improve marine habitat in that the anchorage will be configured to behave as an artificial reef. SurfPower will also reduce shoreline erosion.

The SurfPower system employs seawater as the operating medium (oil-free). Therefore, accidental leakage is not an environmental threat.

As we have seen with wind energy; the initial attractiveness of wind turbines combined with “doing something better for the environment” can quickly turn sour when people realize their landscapes are being negatively impacted. The application of SurfPower systems will be subject to similar concerns. SurfPower, however, offers many advantages that address appearance issues.

The system is nominally half a kilometer from land-based observers. At this distance, the pontoons will be barely visible.

SurfPower systems will be located in rough, storm-prone coastal areas, NOT on prime, beachfront real estate.

The pontoons will be barely visible. They will most often be hidden by wave action, in that they lie low in the water (1.1m. exposure). A green/blue color, logo-free will ensure they blend into the seascape.