Inventor’s Biography

Charles F. Wood, P. Eng. is a mechanical engineer (University of Alberta) with specialized knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of a range of aluminum structures and products. Upon graduation, Charles started his professional career at Alcan and then Kaiser before being hired by Indal Technologies. Highlights of his 20 year career as Chief Engineer and Vice President at Indal Technologies include:

  • Played a pivotal role in the development of a solution to land helicopters at sea on small ships; this system is now the global system of choice.
  • Established an early generation (1970s/80s) vertical axis wind turbine and built a team of engineers, many who have made significant contributions to the wind energy industry.
  • Led the technical/marketing team in the design of the SkyDome retractable roof system (one of four, paid finalists).
  • Managed a team of 50+ engineers who worked on global projects in the marine defence industry and other areas.

As Vice President of Engineering at Aluma Enterprises for seven years, Charles led the engineering, manufacturing and product development for this global construction forming/shoring and scaffolding business. Under his leadership, several new products that served the industry were developed. He played a key role, developing the on-land, electro-hydraulic operated forming system for the main spans of the P.E.I. Confederation Bridge.

Since 1997, through his consulting practice, Seawood Designs Inc., Charles has pursued several personal and professional interests, including the development of sonar handling equipment for nuclear submarines and the development of a patented concept (SurfPower) to capture the energy in ocean waves. Charles is the named inventor on a number of patents for a broad range of products.